Buying & Lending BitConnect Coin

Once you've opened a Bitcoin account and added at lease $150 (or more) in BTC, you're ready to transfer some into your Bitcoin wallet.

1. Open your own Bitcoin wallet, select send, and specify either $100 or .023 BTC. (That amount may vary according to the price. You, of course, can add more.)

2. Open your BitConnect account by signing in and going through the verification steps. Go to your Dashboard and click on the green Deposit Bitcoin (BTC) button.

3. A window pops up with your QR code and wallet public key. If using a smartphone wallet, you can use the camera    feature to scan the QR code. If you're using a computer, then copy and paste the key into your Bitcoin wallet.

4. Click 'Send' on your wallet. You should then see 'Success' or something similar. Click on the X in the upper right corner of the QR code...and wait. Within about 10-20 minutes, a transaction will appear as a pending item, awaiting confirmation. Confirmation can take anywhere from 10 minutes to two hours, depending on the network. Just be patient.

5. Once confirmed, your Bitcoin should appear in your Bitcoin wallet. From here, you'll be transferring it into BitConnect coin (BCC) and then lending it out to the software bot for your daily profits.

6. Click on the <<Exchange>> button to the left of the Bitcoin wallet, or click on the 'BCC Exchange' menu item in the left column. This will open another page.

7. Scroll down the page to the 'Buy/Sell BCC' box. Click on 'All' (or manually enter Units if you want to keep some of your funds in Bitcoin). Then click the green Buy button.

8. A pop-up window shows up to confirm your purchase. 'Confirm', 'Close', then...yup...more waiting.

9. Scroll down further on this page will show you open orders, which may take 15 minutes or so to appear. In time, it'll go away and then you'll see a new balance in your BitConnect wallet.

10. Go back to your Dashboard. Once you see your funds in your wallet, you're all set to lend them out. Click on the 'Lend BitConnect' button...

A window will pop up, giving you an option on how much to lend. As mentioned earlier, the minimum is $100, and any amount above that needs to be in even $10 increments. Type in the dollar amount, making sure you have the necessary amount of BitConnect, and then click on the blue button at the bottom. (You've got two minutes to finish the process before the BCC price is updated.)

Voila! You've invested in BitConnect and 24 hours later, you'll get your first interest payment credited in dollars, followed by another one every day at the same time!

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