Charts & Graphs

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then a graph is worth a thousand statistics. Hopefully not.

As mentioned elsewhere, BitConnect utilizes a price volatility software bot that trades Bitcoin (BTC) against world currencies on exchanges everyday. The Realtime chart example below shows the moment-by-moment activity.

Everyday at exactly 8:00pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), the next day’s interest rate payment is set. Interest rates have recently ranged between 2.16% and no interest, but due to surplus funds held aside by BitConnect, the interest rate has never been negative for investors.

Another chart from the BitConnect website shows the week’s credited interest rate applied to your invested/lended capital.

Your interest rate will be slightly higher, depending on how much you lend at a single point…not cumulatively, I’m afraid. The chart below shows the additional interest you’ll accrue if you lend a lump sum; the more, the merrier. You’ll also notice that with larger amounts invested, the original capital is returned to you sooner.

Not only is interest paid daily on your invested capital, but you also benefit from the rising price of the BitConnect coin (BCC). In late January of 2017, the BitConnect coin was trading at a low of 14 cents. Currently, the price has risen to over $125.00. The graph below shows recent activity, along with price fluctuations in the cost of BitConnect coin (gray line) in Bitcoin (orange line).

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