Getting Started with BitConnect

1. Your first step is to register with BitConnect by clicking on the graphic above or here. You'll need to enter your name, an email address, a phone number (with SMS access), your birthdate, then choose and enter a user name and then your password twice. Your sponsor should be 'Dennisen', who is attached to this website. Lastly, select 'I am not a robot' so the site knows you're a real person (you are...aren't you?), and then, click 'Sign Up'.


2. Next, you'll receive an email with a link to an activation code, like the one above. Click on this link to verify your email and activate your account. Now, go back to the BitConnect website home page to log in.


3. Enter your email address and the password you chose and click 'Sign In'. Almost done!


4. Once you've logged in, this screen will appear, asking you to choose three questions and type answers for them. This step is for added security if you forget your login information. Once you're done with the three questions, hit the Enter key on your keyboard to close the window. (Clicking the 'Add' button will add a fourth question!)

You're all set to go!

One more thing. BitConnect has a double verification process for your added protection. Initially, you may have a code texted to your phone's SMS that you will need to enter on the site to begin investing. An alternative is to set up 'Google Authenticator' app on your smartphone. Under 'Security' on the left menu bar (on your Dashboard), you can get their code that you'll enter in the Google application once. After that, whenever you log in, you'll also be asked for Google based two-factor authentication, a six-digit number that changes every 30 seconds. Anyone trying to log into your account without your phone will be unsuccessful.

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