The BitConnection Blog

Welcome to my blog! I’ll be focusing on all things crypto. I do not claim to be an expert or tentative guru, but am actively pursuing a deep knowledge about this incredibly interesting topic, and want to share this knowledge for the greater good.

My first involvement with Bitcoin was in mid-2010, where I made an effort to mine it online, managing to accumulate somewhere around .0003 BTC in an hour. I managed to figure out how to get a wallet and deposit my cherished BTC, saving it as a .dat file and hiding it away in a passing thumb drive. Years later, I stumbled across the drive, but couldn’t open the file, so have sadly lost the tiny amount from my initiation into crypto currency. As a common ailment among mankind, I, too suffer from ‘HadIOnly’ syndrome, but have moved on and now reentered the Bitcoin arena after a period of study. The ride has been phenomenal, but a relapse of the cursed ailment has once again struck. Nevertheless, the move into Bitcoin as well as a dozen other crypto currencies has paid off in an education that surpasses the increase in value of what I own. So far, it has been a wonderful, enlightening experience. But, as the old saying goes, experience is what you get when you don’t get what you really wanted.