How Much Can I Make?

Bitconnect has been quite consistent over the last year, paying out an average of .9% daily on funds invested through their lending program. Once these funds are lent, they are tied up for between 120 days to 299 days, depending on the lump sum that is lent.

Let’s say you invest the minimum amount of US$100 and withdraw your profits as they are made. At the end of the ten months that your principal is held, you will likely make around $265 profit on top of the $100 principal, for a total of $365.

Now, if you invest and lend that $100 and then reinvest your profits back to the lending program at $10 intervals, your principal and interest at the end of that ten month period should equal $1,370.

As you can see, reinvesting your profits can result in a significantly higher return.

Let’s up our initial investment to $1,010, which now adds an additional .1% to our daily interest rate. The required hold on your initial investment is now 239 days, or eight months. Without reinvestment of the profits, we’ll likely receive $2,790 plus the $1,010 or $3,800. However, reinvesting the profits over that same time period results in a total of $8,590! The more you reinvest or add to the lending program, the higher your daily return.

Keep in mind your re-investments are also tied up for several months from the date they are lent.

Let’s look at this graphically to better see how this works.

Here's what I'm going for. I've invested and lent a total of $3,500 in BitConnect. Since I'm investing over $1,010, the .9% Base Interest Rate increases to 1% daily. The first day, I make a $35.00 profit. From that amount, I reinvest $30.00 (reinvestment must be in $10 increments.) I continue to reinvest the profits daily. As profits grow, I hold off and accumulate them until I have $1,010, which will now add an additional .1%. The compounded interest grows my investment, and at one year, 365 days, I'll have, wait for it, a little more than $114,000 invested, and will be making a daily profit of almost $1,260.00!

So, going back to the question, how much can I depends on your initial investment, how long you want to lend your principal and whether you compound your interest or not.

Good luck!

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