Success Stories

There are many individuals scattered all over the world who have gained significant wealth and a following through BitConnect. Among those, I have chosen three who have inspired many to join our ranks of financial security-seekers.

Craig Grant is a family man in Florida who took to cryptocurrencies in January of 2016, primarily buying and selling Bitcoin, Steem and Dash. An avid YouTuber for years, Craig discovered BitConnect in April of 2017 and became a key promoter of his new find through his frequent videos. By bringing in a large number of referrals as well as investing some of his accumulated crypto into BitConnect, Craig has built a financial empire over the last six months (as of October, 2017) of nearly US$875,000 at BitConnect, and currently has active investments with them of $180,000.

Trevon James of North Carolina has a background in marketing and sales and has also been involved in cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Steem for a little over a year. BitConnect became a large part of his focus around the same time as Craig, and he set a goal to become the go-to guy for people getting into cryptocurrencies and wanting answers. He created YouTube videos daily, and started with $100 invested in February while actively seeking referrals to supplement the money he was investing into BitConnect. By October of 2017, Trevon passed the $100,000 invested mark, much of it from reinvesting his profits, and has over a half million dollars earned through BitConnect.

Shane, whose online name is Lanzer is a contract negotiator for the USAF. In June of 2017, Shane invested $20,000 into BitConnect, and using analytics throughout the investment period of 120 days, he provided periodic comprehensive videos on BitConnect's operation and the status of his investment. At the end of his four month period when his original investment was released to him, Shane determined that BitConnect held up to his strict scrutiny and gave them a strong rating, stating that he would 'very likely' reinvest in BitConnect as a money-making program. With no reinvestment or referrals, Shane ended the lending period with a profit of $29,000, on top of his $20,000 investment.

These three individuals are not the top earners from BitConnect. However, they have demonstrated a serious intent to build a significant income outside of the paycheck that most of us must labor for. Craig and Trevon dedicated their efforts to promote BitConnect, as well as themselves by keeping their faces in frequent YouTube videos and building referrals, promoting themselves as sponsors for new people coming in to BitConnect. This is their passion; not a necessity for success with BitConnect. Shane, on the other hand provided the crucial role of showing BitConnect to be a reputable and reliable endeavor. May their success and inspiration continue.

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