The Motivation of Setting Goals

I’d like to be wealthy. I’m sure the majority of us might think the same thing. But, it’s futile to simply wish for something and not have any specific plan to achieve it. It’s like dreaming of how you’d spend your lottery winnings. Good luck.

I remember in a college class in Humanities, I think…years ago, that we had a project in planning for our future. We started with setting goals for 20 years from now. Then, to get to that point, we had to set intermediate goals like, ten years from then, and then short-term goals five years from that point, all working toward those long-term plans. It helped a lot to picture where I needed to get to in the short term so I could be successful down the road.

Interestingly, a lot of those goals I achieved, even though I wasn’t consciously working towards them. At the end of two decades, I was married with two young kids, had a decent job and a little house, but hadn’t reached my savings and investment goals. At. All.

So, now, I’ve decided that I’m going to set my goal through the BitConnect cryptocurrency site to get to a point where wealth accumulation will be a lot easier. But, you know…you need money to make money.

So, between June 20th and July 3rd of this year, I managed to deposit into BitConnect and lend about $2,500, and then threw in another $1k about 2 1/2 months later. Throughout all that time, I’ve been reinvesting everything I make from that initial capital. In nearly three months, I’ve made $2,265 altogether, almost what I started with, and continue to reinvest whenever I accumulated $1,010, in order to get an additional .1% on my investment.

So far, over the last six months, BitConnect has paid an average daily interest of .9%, or basically $10 for every $1k lent to their volatility software bot. Based on the past performance, on October 1st, I should have $6,800 invested and getting around $85/day, November 1st, about $10,000 and getting $150/day, and by the end of 2017, if all goes as predicted, I’ll have $18,000 in BitConnect, bringing in $195/day.

Mid-May of next year, I should have $50k invested, and in less than a year from now, I’d like to think that magic $100,000 number should be in immediate reach.

Yeah, dream on, you might say behind a mild sneer. Well, so far, I’m impressed with the BitConnect operation, and they’ve shown a consistent payout and support for their investors. With just a few thousand at risk, I won’t be jumping out of a building out of despair if things go south.

And that’s why I’m here, writing a blog on my website that focuses on what BitConnect can do. Let’s see if my financial stepping stones materialize.

Wanna join me?