Withdrawing Your Funds

With BitConnect, you can withdraw your profits from your Lending and BitConnect wallets at any time, though withdrawals need to be a minimum of $10.00. (As mentioned earlier, your initial investment that you've lent is tied up for the number of days, based on the amount.) For this process, you'll be transferring funds into your BitConnect wallet, then into your BitConnect.based Bitcoin wallet.  Then, you'll move your Bitcoin to the wallet that is connected to your bank account or to a mobile wallet on your phone that you can use to trade your Bitcoin to an individual or a Bitcoin ATM.

Your first step is to determine how much you want to withdraw. On your Dashboard page, click the Transfer button to open the transfer to BCC window.

Under Detail, enter the amount that you want to transfer from your Lending wallet to your BitConnect wallet, or simply click All. Once you've clicked Transfer, then Confirm, the funds will appear in your BitConnect wallet.

Next, click the Exchange button between the BitConnect and Bitcoin wallets, which will take you to the BCC Exchange page.

Scroll down to the Buy/Sell BCC section to the box on the right. Click on All, then click the Last button and select Last, which is the last quoted price for selling BitConnect coin. The amount of Bitcoin will be shown in the BTC box. Click Sell BitConnect Coin. A confirmation window will appear. Confirm, then wait a little while for the numbers to appear in your Bitcoin wallet at the top of the page.

The final step on the BitConnect site is to transfer your Bitcoin to a place where you can exchange it for cash (or keep in Bitcoin.)

Go back to your Dashboard page and scroll down to the Sell Bitcoin (BTC) panel. You're going to need some additional info (for your protection) to transfer, namely your Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) number from the app on your smartphone (if, that is, you've set this up) and your card code number requested. (You got your card code when you set up your BitConnect account, which was a set of 12 six-digit numbers.

Go to your wallet that you've set up with your bank account (Coinbase, Coincheck, etc.) Select Receive BTC and copy the key displayed. Enter in in the first space on the BitConnect panel. For the Quantity, select All, password is your BitConnect password, enter your six-digit Card Code number requested (1 - 12), then finally, your 2FA number. Click the Withdraw from BTC Wallet button, click Confirm in the new window, and give it several minutes to appear in your other wallet.


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